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Author sign-ups!

Sign ups are CLOSED! If you'd still like to sign up to write, that's awesome, but please remember that we set this time to ensure that the authors would have enough time to write, in order to give the artist enough time to create. If you feel like you can sign up late and still work within the set deadlines, please feel free to do so.

Rules for the writers:

1. Stories must be at least 15,000 words. There is no maximum length.

2. Stories may be slash, het, or gen.

3. RPS is allowed.

4. Crossovers and AUs are allowed - crossovers only as long as one to two of the main Teen Wolf characters or actors are the main character(s) in the crossover.

5. Stories should be beta'd, but it isn't required. It is strongly encouraged.

6. Your stories cannot be posted prior to your posting date. They cannot be WIPs that you are planning on continuing for the challenge. They may be a sequel to something you have already posted.

7. Stay in communication with the mods, please! If you are having problems meeting deadlines let us know and we'll give extensions. We will be making check-in posts that we'll require an answer to, to ensure that no one is falling behind so far they won't make it.

8. Since this is a relatively small fandom, we will be letting people sign up for both art and fic. Sign-ups for art will come at a later date, but you would have to provide are for a different story and not your own.


You must be signed up by Aug. 28th.

Your first draft (of 15,000 words) must be turned in with a summary and title by Nov. 1st, if you want art to accompany your story.

For artists to claim your story, on Nov. 4th we will be posting the summaries and titles anonymously for them. We will put them in contact with you, where you will provide them with the first draft of your fic so they can make the artwork.

Posting will start on Dec. 1st.

To sign up:

Borrowed heavily from spn_j2_bigbang, with much love.
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