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21 March 2012 @ 07:58 pm
I apologize for falling off the face of the internet and for letting this comm go wayside, but my real and personal life kind of got in the way. I did really want this comm to work and be a fun place to spend the long wait for s2, so I'm sorry for not keeping it up to date.

We only had three authors who said their stories were finished and ready to be looked at by artists, however, and by the time that came to light I hadn't given livejournal more than a cursory glance in nearly two weeks. I hope that some time in the future we can try again if people are willing. Thanks to everyone who signed up to participate in any way, and I hope that despite how it turned out for this particular challenge you'd be willing to do so again.
04 December 2011 @ 12:00 pm
First of all, there has been a lot of confusion and I apologize for that. I had planned on sitting down last week to get everything sorted and actually make this post, but RL intervened and now that I finally have everything sorted out I can make it.

Second, how is everyone doing? I know that virtually everyone who replied to the last check-in post needed an extension, so. Was a month long extension enough? I'm hoping that everyone who is still participating will let me know, so that I can make the art claims post and we can well and truly get this rolling. Please fill this out so that I know for sure which authors are still participating and can post the summaries for art claims.

Authors, when you fill that out your contact details mean your email address so that we can get a hold of you.
31 October 2011 @ 07:02 pm
This is the place to comment! We already need to extend it a bit because not everyone has replied to the check-in post. Just to be clear, that post is to get your email address, so please comment if you haven't already.

Anyway, if you need an extension, please comment here while also commenting on the post linked above. Thank you, and have a happy Halloween! I hope you've caught some of the Teen Wolf Marathon.
10 October 2011 @ 07:58 pm
Rules for the writers:

1. You agree to create at least two pieces of art or a vid to accompany one of the 2011 Big Bang stories.

2. Art can be of any type: original illustration, cover art, photo manip., fanmix with original front and back artwork, etc.

3. Art or vids can be of any rating you choose (but out of consideration, it would be a good idea to consult with your writer before creating anything too explicit).

4. You will be able to post your artwork or vid at your livejournal or site, and we'll create a master list of links and summaries at the community.

5. Art and vids cannot be posted anywhere prior to your assigned posting date.

6. Artists must agree to stay in communication with mods and with their assigned author. Disappearing with no explanation will result in being dropped from the challenge.


Artists must be signed up by Oct. 28th.

Titles and summaries will be posted on Nov. 4th to be claimed.

Posting will start on Dec. 1st.

09 October 2011 @ 01:43 pm
Check-in time! Also, tomorrow we're putting up the artist sign-ups!

Soon teenwolfbbang will be hosting a beta sign-up, but here is a link to a beta survey hosted at teenwolf_slash if you need a beta now, and if anyone else knows of any other beta lists I'll be happy to link to them.

Let us know the status of your fic!

Authors, when you fill that out your contact details mean your email address so that we can get a hold of you.
25 August 2011 @ 09:10 pm
If you're watching the community but haven't signed up yet, you still have 3 days! We have over 20 authors signed up, so if you're interested sign up here!

If you do, twbbang_authors is ready for you! We're already chatting about our fic and getting feedback and cheerleading. If you've already signed up, don't forget to join!
15 August 2011 @ 04:26 pm
teenwolfkink is hosting a prompt post for our Big Bang! If you are looking for an idea for your fic, keep an eye on that post. It'll be open until Aug. 28th.

Otherwise, I hope everyone's writing is going well, and that we all enjoy the finale tonight!
11 August 2011 @ 05:26 pm
A few things:

Please join twbbang_authors, for preparation to begin the challenge! Once you do, you can post anytime about your fic - if you are having issues writing it, want to discuss characterization, whatever you do when you're trying to keep yourself sane from writing the fic, anything you'd like to discuss.

Here is a beta survey, in case anyone is looking for a beta, or would like to volunteer.

Sometime next week (finale day, perhaps?) I plan on posting a prompt post, for those who need ideas on what to write. Like myself.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has signed up, and there's still time if you'd like to! The doors close at Aug. 28th.
07 August 2011 @ 03:10 pm
Sign ups are CLOSED! If you'd still like to sign up to write, that's awesome, but please remember that we set this time to ensure that the authors would have enough time to write, in order to give the artist enough time to create. If you feel like you can sign up late and still work within the set deadlines, please feel free to do so.

Rules and Deadlines.Collapse )
07 August 2011 @ 03:07 pm
Welcome to the Teen Wolf Big Bang! :D Here is the FAQ and Rule post, so ask any questions you might have. There are more in depth rules over at the Author sign up page, located here.

Here is the general stuff:

1. Authors must sign up by Aug. 28th.

2. Artist sign-ups will go up Sept. 15th, so that by Nov. 1st they will be ready to claim fics they wish to do art for.

3. You may sign up to do both art and fic, but you must provide art for a different fic and not your own.

4. Posting will start Dec. 1st, however completed rough drafts of at least 15,000 words are due Nov. 1st for artists claims.

If you have questions, we'll answer them in comments and then below here as an edit to the post, in case anyone has a similar question. If you wish to contact the mods directly, please PM either strokeof_genie here, or burningchaos here. You can also email the mods at teenwolfbigbang @ gmail.com.


As we start to write, are we allowed to post snippits of it? Like a couple sentences from a session or a paragraph from a chapter?

Of course! Cheerleading and getting feedback is an important part of the writing process, so it's important that you do share small amounts. As long as it isn't a previously posted WIP that you're writing and you aren't sharing more than a few paragraphs, it's fine.

We've created twbbang_authors for sharing bits and pieces with other authors, and to help cheerlead.